Jaymee Haefner

Dr. Jaymee Haefner
University of North Texas
Assistant Professor of Harp
Director of Undergraduate

World Harp Congress

ASTA Harp Competition
Task Force Chair

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Harp Instruction

My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that each student is an individual, and should be encouraged in this way. Just as no two harpists' hands are shaped identically, each student has individual technical and musical talents and needs. My teaching is a fusion of several approaches, passed onto me through my studies with Susann McDonald, Carrol McLaughlin, Anna Vorhes, and Kathy Bundock-Moore. I have a particular interest in the Renie Method, and adopt many of her approaches in my teaching philosophy.

I've recently published several articles for The Harp Column, which articulate my teaching philosophy in greater detail. You may read these columns here.

I am available for private lessons, and also teach at the University of North Texas. Please feel free to read about degrees in Harp Performance at the University of North Texas College of Music.


Additional links from recent presentations:

Life and Work of Henriette Renié (World Harp Congress, Amsterdam: July 22, 2008)

Maximizing Success for the Orchestral Harpist (Texas Orchestra Director's Association Convention, San Antonio, TX: August 1-2, 2008)

Please feel free to contact me for further information:
jaymee.haefner@unt.edu or 940-565-3739.